Latest Release

You can find the latest stable release here:

MonoGame 3.7.1
Released December 8th, 2018

You can also find the latest release on NuGet.

If you are looking for old releases you can find them on our community site.

Development Builds

When new fixes, features, or changes are merged into our development branch the build server generates new installers.  It is extremely helpful to have the community install and use these builds when ever possible.  We find these releases to be generally stable, but if you do run into a bug please report it to us.

You could also add our develop branch NuGet feed to your IDE to get the very latest development assemblies or look for pre-release assemblies on NuGet which we release periodically.

Source Code

If you want to get hold of the latest source code you can get that from our Github page. The master branch contains the latest stable release. There are several tags of previous releases. Finally if you want to get the latest features and fixes you can download our develop branch.


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