OcclusionQuery Class (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics)


Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics
Assembly: MonoGame.Framework (MonoGame.Framework.dll
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public class OcclusionQuery : GraphicsResource

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The OcclusionQuery type exposes the following members.

  Platforms Name Description
OcclusionQuery Initializes a new instance of the OcclusionQuery class. 
  Platforms Name Description
GraphicsDevice  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
IsComplete Gets a value indicating whether the occlusion query has completed. 
IsDisposed  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Name  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
PixelCount Gets the number of visible pixels. 
Tag  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
  Platforms Name Description
Begin Begins the occlusion query. 
Dispose(bool) The method that derived classes should override to implement disposing of managed and native resources. (Overrides GraphicsResource.Dispose().)
Dispose()  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
End Ends the occlusion query. 
Finalize  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
GraphicsDeviceResetting Called before the device is reset. Allows graphics resources to invalidate their state so they can be recreated after the device reset. Warning: This may be called after a call to Dispose() up until the resource is garbage collected. (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
ToString  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
  Platforms Name Description
Disposing  (Inherited from GraphicsResource.)
Supported in:

 Windows DirectX Desktop
 Linux Desktop
 Windows OpenGL Desktop