IEffectLights Interface (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics)

The common effect light rendering parameters.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics
Assembly: MonoGame.Framework (MonoGame.Framework.dll
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public interface IEffectLights

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The IEffectLights type exposes the following members.

  Platforms Name Description
AmbientLightColor The floating point ambient light color. 
DirectionalLight0 Returns the first directional light. 
DirectionalLight1 Returns the second directional light. 
DirectionalLight2 Returns the third directional light. 
LightingEnabled Toggles the rendering of lighting. 
  Platforms Name Description
EnableDefaultLighting Initializes the lights to the standard key/fill/back lighting rig. 
Supported in:

 Windows DirectX Desktop
 Linux Desktop
 Windows OpenGL Desktop