AudioEngine Class (Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio)

Class used to create and manipulate code audio objects.

Namespace: Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio
Assembly: MonoGame.Framework (MonoGame.Framework.dll
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public class AudioEngine : IDisposable

Syntax for VB is not yet implemented.

Syntax for F# is not yet implemented.

The AudioEngine type exposes the following members.

  Platforms Name Description
ContentVersion The current content version. 
  Platforms Name Description
IsDisposed Is true if the AudioEngine has been disposed. 
  Platforms Name Description
Dispose Disposes the AudioEngine. (Implements IDisposable.Dispose().)
Finalize  (Overrides object.Finalize().)
GetCategory Returns an audio category by name. 
GetGlobalVariable Gets the value of a global variable. 
SetGlobalVariable Sets the value of a global variable. 
Update Performs periodic work required by the audio engine. 
  Platforms Name Description
Disposing This event is triggered when the AudioEngine is disposed. 
Supported in:

 Windows DirectX Desktop
 Linux Desktop
 Windows OpenGL Desktop