Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline Namespace

  Platforms Name Description
ChildCollection<TParent,TChild> Provides a collection of child objects for a content item. Links from a child object to its parent are maintained as the collection contents are modified. 
ContentBuildLogger Provides methods for reporting informational messages or warnings from content importers and processors. Do not use this class to report errors. Instead, report errors by throwing a PipelineException or InvalidContentException. 
ContentIdentity Provides properties describing the origin of the game asset, such as the original source file and creation tool. This information is used for error reporting, and by processors that need to determine from what directory the asset was originally loaded. 
ContentImporter<T> Implements a file format importer for use with game assets. Importers, either provided by the framework or written by a developer, must derive from ContentImporter, as well as being marked with a ContentImporterAttribute. An importer should produce results in the standard intermediate object model. If an asset has information not supported by the object model, the importer should output it as opaque data (key/value attributes attached to the relevant object). By following this procedure, a content pipeline can access specialized digital content creation (DCC) tool information, even when that information has not been fully standardized into the official object model. You can also design custom importers that accept and import types containing specific third-party extensions to the object model. 
ContentImporterAttribute Provides properties that identify and provide metadata about the importer, such as supported file extensions and caching information. Importers are required to initialize this attribute. 
ContentImporterContext Provides properties that define logging behavior for the importer. 
ContentItem Provides properties that define various aspects of content stored using the intermediate file format of the XNA Framework. 
ContentProcessor<TInput,TOutput> Provides a base class to use when developing custom processor components. All processors must derive from this class. 
ContentProcessorAttribute Gets any existing content processor components. 
ContentProcessorContext Provides access to custom processor parameters, methods for converting member data, and triggering nested builds. 
ContentStatsCollection A collection of content building statistics for use in diagnosing content issues. 
EffectImporter Provides methods for reading effect (.fx) files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
ExternalReference<T> Specifies external references to a data file for the content item. While the object model is instantiated, reference file names are absolute. When the file containing the external reference is serialized to disk, file names are relative to the file. This allows movement of the content tree to a different location without breaking internal links. 
FbxImporter Provides methods for reading AutoDesk (.fbx) files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
FontDescriptionImporter Provides methods for reading .spritefont files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
InvalidContentException Thrown when errors are encountered in content during processing. 
LoadedTypeCollection<T> A helper for collecting instances of a particular type by scanning the types in loaded assemblies. 
Mp3Importer Provides methods for reading MP3 audio files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
OggImporter Provides methods for reading .ogg audio files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
PipelineComponentScanner Implements a scanner object containing the available importers and processors for an application. Designed for internal use only. 
PipelineException Thrown when errors are encountered during a content pipeline build. 
ProcessorParameter Represents a processor parameter. Processor parameters are automatically discovered by the content pipeline. Therefore, only custom processor developers should use this class directly. 
ProcessorParameterCollection Represents a collection of processor parameters, usually for a single processor. This class is primarily designed for internal use or for custom processor developers. 
TextureImporter Provides methods for reading texture files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
VideoContent Provides a base class for all video objects. 
WavImporter Provides methods for reading .wav audio files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
WmaImporter Provides methods for reading Windows Media Audio (.wma) files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
WmvImporter Provides methods for reading Windows Media Video (.wmv) files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
XImporter Provides methods for reading DirectX Object (.x) files for use in the Content Pipeline. 
XmlImporter Implements an importer for reading intermediate XML files. This is a wrapper around IntermediateSerializer. 
  Platforms Name Description
ContentStats Content building statistics for a single source content file. 
  Platforms Name Description
IContentImporter Accesses a statically typed ContentImporter instance from generic code using dynamic typing. 
IContentProcessor Provides methods and properties for accessing a statically typed ContentProcessor subclass, using dynamically typed object data. 
  Platforms Name Description
TargetPlatform Identifiers for the target platform. 
Supported in:

 Windows DirectX Desktop
 Linux Desktop