MonoGame 3.2

MonoGame 3.2

April 7, 2014 by Tom Spilman in News, Releases

This is the long awaited release of MonoGame 3.2 with over a year of fixes, features, and improvements across 1,600 commits.  This release only has an installer for Windows as we are currently reworking our Mac and Linux release packaging.

The notable changes in this release:

Thanks for supporting MonoGame!

Notable Replies

  1. MASTER260

    So, I guess still no news on the Content Pipeline...

    Sorry I just asked the question that's been asked a million times before, though...

    EDIT: Like, I've been using this but, as the link says, it only supports images and SpriteFonts. Just wondering if MonoGame 3.2 will support more than just that when it hits Linux...

    EDIT 2: If not, I'm probably just gonna use Disk2VHD on my Windows tablet and then just use the image on VirtualBox on my laptop... The problem is, I swore off virtual machines and multibooting a long time ago, for certain reasons I'd rather not get into...

  2. Tom Spilman

    The only news is that it is getting closer to complete, but still needs work.

    We are currently using it exclusively for PS4 development which is forcing us to fix many issues.

  3. June Rhodes

    I find that the content pipeline is reasonably complete. Protogame uses MonoGame's content pipeline exclusively for compiling source assets into versions for each target platform. The only types of assets that we can't compile on non-Windows is shaders (and this is because they are written in HLSL).

    You definitely don't need XNA installed any more to be able to compile content in MonoGame, but I don't know how well supported content compilation is under IDEs (you can definitely use MonoGame APIs in the content pipeline project to do it).

  4. Tom Spilman

    We've tried multiple times at fixing it... we finally gave up using OpenAL on Android. We'll soon have a completely new implementation.

  5. Tom Spilman

    Why was the [Serializable] attribute removed from Color.cs in the 3.2 build?

    It was a change we made some time back to deal with newer platforms. See...

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